Why sell on eBay with Shopify

There is much clarity needed on which channel to use when looking to expand your online presence and reach more customers. In the case of a Shopify store owner, eBay is one of those channels that have been added to the mix since October of 2017. Selling products on eBay gives a Shopify store owner an excellent chance to cash in on eBay’s’ extensive online market.

eBay as a brand needs no introduction to most people, as many have interacted with eBay as shoppers looking for the best bargain. And there’s a good chance that it is their go-to website for the best deals in town on pretty much any item ranging from kitchen knives to apparel, sneakers as well as electronics and general equipment to name a few.

The range of items both new and used to be found on eBay is mind-boggling; thus, it is of little wonder that a Shopify store owner may consider accessing eBay selling platform to boost sales and revenue. There is a good chance that this might work since eBay boasts 168 million active online shoppers. 

If you own a Shopify store, integration with eBay is very much possible because Shopify comes with an already integrated multi-channel capability. What’s more, is the fact that the process of adding eBay to your sales channel has been very simplified such that it can be accomplished with a few clicks.

But first, a few conditions have to be fulfilled before you are good to go. First and foremost, you must have A Shopify account, which is also a Shopify online store. Only then are you eligible to sell on eBay through Shopify? 

Second, you must open an eBay account with US eBay. You can just do this by going to your Shopify and click on ‘add channel’ and go ahead with the process of adding eBay to your sales channel. At some point during this process, you will be prompted to open an eBay channel, and you can go ahead to do so if you already do not have one.

What does your Shopify business stand to gain by selling on eBay?

Whether integrating your Shopify store with eBay is expensive or affordable, is really dependent on your view. It all comes down to if the gamble to access a possible 6.8 million active users is worth the risk of what you will spend to sustain an eBay account. A cost-benefit analysis pertaining to your business and the growth opportunity at hand will better answer that question for you. 

Shopify does not charge you any extra for integrating your Shopify store with eBay. So what is in it for them you might wonder? Well, Shopify stands to make a small percentage of sales you make through eBay via your Shopify store.

When it comes to opening an account with eBay through Shopify, eBay will present you with three plans to choose from, and you are free to make your choice depending on your business needs. The plans that eBay offers for this integration are as follows: 


  • Basic – eBay recommends this entry-level monthly subscription for sellers listing 250 items and below in a month. The monthly cost associated with this plan is $21.95
  • Premium- is the next tier and eBay recommends this for sellers listing above 1000 items per month. The monthly fees for the premium subscription are $59.95
  • Anchor – this tier is reserved and recommended for sellers with no less than a listing of 10,000 items per month. The monthly cost for this subscription is $ 299.95

Is integrating with eBay through Shopify expensive?

The fact is that eBay has been in existence for many decades and has clout and traffic that newer players can only dream of. Although these numbers fluctuate every other day, eBay currently has 1.1 billion listings from 25 million sellers and generates in excess of $ 9 billion in revenue per year.

Given that the currently active users on eBay number up to 168 million people, it’s easy to see the priceless selling power that eBay brings to the table for any small business owner.

From a consumer’s perspective, your products are validated, just by seeing them on eBay market place.

As you weigh the pros and cons of this opportunity, it might be best to start small with the lowest tier of an eBay subscription and list all your new merchandise on eBay to see how the sales will do. This might be the best litmus test that will validate your decision to either pull out or go ‘all in.’ As the saying goes, numbers don’t lie. You are selling on eBay through Shopify does not in any way change how your Shopify account runs. The inventory aspect is very easy to manage because you can sync your Shopify and eBay accounts.

This way, inventory is automated, and the products that you may opt to display on eBay share all the same details as the ones on your Shopify account. In short, importing products from Shopify to eBay is a breeze as it can be done with literally a few clicks of the mouse. The process does not involve tedious typing for hours on end. 

This, in my opinion, is a calculated approach that respects a good opportunity but at the same time lets prudence prevail by exercising caution by first testing the waters. 


There are numerous reasons to consider integration with eBay if you have a Shopify online store. I have outlined a good number of them above. Now the ball falls on your court, to do a cost-benefit analysis and see whether selling your merchandise on eBay through Shopify might be a business move that your small enterprise can benefit from. 

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