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Paddadum – A Healthy Snack For Toddlers

Pappadums are an Indian flatbread produced using lentil flour. They are paper-dainty, clear and delicate when you get them. Generally they are appreciated with a choice of chutneys and pickles, however they are extraordinary all alone as a bite or tidbit. They come in numerous assortments and sizes.

Whenever toasted or microwaved; Pappadum is a sound substitute to potato wafers and corn chips .

Children love eating pappadum and they are speedy and simple to cook. You should simply put the pappadum in microwave for 50-60 seconds till they grow and are fresh. They can be put away for quite a while in a hermetically sealed holder and are extremely sound. As Pappadums are anything but difficult to store and convey you can offer them to you one whenever.

Nourishing Realities (1 major paddadum)

Commonplace Qualities: – Amt per 100g

Vitality – 1165 kj/275 kcal

Protein – 21.2 g

Starches – 43.2 g

Fat – 1.9 g

Cooking Strategies


The conventional method to get ready pappadums is by profound broiling. This permits them to turn out to be exceptionally light and vaporous. Warmth an inch of vegetable oil in a medium-sized, substantial bottomed skillet. At the point when the oil is hot however not smoking, drop a pappadum in the oil, utilizing utensils to push it under the surface for under 5 seconds – simply enough an ideal opportunity for the pappadum to grow right away.


Pappadums can likewise be barbecued or toasted in a stove. To toast, pre-heat the grill or toaster. Spot the pappadum on a rack around 3″ away from the wellspring of warmth. It will extend right away. Turn it over and toast the opposite side for a couple of moments.


Spot the pappadum in the microwave. Cook on full force for 45 seconds or until extended. May require turning halfway through to guarantee in any event, cooking.

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